Cranial Osteopathy for Newborns, Infants and Children

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Osteopathic treatment is suitable from birth to old age.One would be surprised to think that a newborn could suffer from strains and tensions.However some babies can suffer from these following a difficult pregnancy or labour.

The baby’s head is put under a lot of stresses as it emerges through the cervix causing the bones of the skull bones to overlap. After birth an “unmolding” of the skull happens through breathing, crying ect to allow the skull bones to reset themselves. For some babies however this unmolding process is not complete occasionally leaving them with an obvious shape change to the head while at other times it could be a lot more subtle.While most babies do fine and are not bothered by strains they might have incurred during this time, others might be more sensitive and unsettled.Every person is different and an osteopathic treatment is not necessarily the same for every baby.

Common reasons for which a baby would see an osteopath:

Colic and reflux
Suckling problems,
Plagiocephaly and head shape problems
Irritability and difficulty settling
Otitis media

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